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One of the best parts of working on an interiors magazine is talking to you, the reader, about your home renovation or plans to take on a new project. And one thing we are told most often when chatting about the reason for remodelling a kitchen is that you want the space to be designed to suit your modern family life. Gone are the days when formal dinners were held in a separate dining room (except maybe for special occasions) and we are now firmly enjoying the benefits of open-plan living – complete with spaces for dining, cooking, entertaining, relaxing, and even a home office or space for the kids to play. With the school summer holidays upon us, what better time to delve into the matter of open-plan family kitchens? Discover how you can create your ideal space to suit everyone at home and make it safe and functional, too. Plus take a look at homeowners who have done just that – like Luke Brystead and Holly Cooper, who relocated from busy Brighton to a quieter spot to take on a renovation. They turned a dated terraced house into a cool, contemporary home decorated with natural materials and a beach vibe. Or be inspired by the Bellerby family’s home who have opened up their kitchen to the garden and even included an outdoor breakfast bar – perfect for enjoying long summers. Now, speaking of family – if the thought of keeping the little ones entertained for six weeks this summer is leaving you a little tired, we’ve got you covered there, too. Follow our five steps to buying a bed and don’t forget to get in touch to tell me about your renovation – you know how much we like to hear from you.

The July issue is out now.

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