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There are countless choices to be made when planning a kitchen. Door finishes, tiles, appliances, lighting, storage options – the list goes on. Take comfort, then, that most kitchens will fit into just a handful of different layout types – and it’s usually pretty clear which one best suits your space. The May issue features everything you need to know about galley, double galley, U-shaped, L-shaped, and island layouts to help you choose the best design for your home. From the supremely practical, we then take a leap into the fabulous with our guide to creating a bathroom that would be the envy of any boutique hotel. A spa-like space that boasts a generous rainfall shower or a bath big enough for two can make it feel like you’re enjoying a hotel break every day. And since no hotel is complete without a statement bed, we’ve got 26 to choose from, including bold colourful styles and grand four-posters. If you’re at the stage in your project where you need ideas, look no further than our six real homes. From a one-storey remodel in Western Australia to a Victorian seaside home that is the result of a two-year overhaul, there are plenty of absorbing design stories to inspire you.
Enjoy the issue.

The May issue is out now.

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